Hardware Setup, Support, Troubleshooting and Repair

We will setup any hardware you may have purchased, troubleshoot and repair any of your current hardware that isn't not working properly, or source replacements if necessary.



Updates and patches for your software are issued regularly. The critical updates are the ones you should be concerned about. If these are not applied, it leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers.

Let us make sure you are up to date and protected against the latest exploits and vulnerable vulnerabilities.


Virus Protection and Removal

Antivirus software is essential

Any user, regardless of the of how they use their pc, need to have the latest antivirus software programs installed on their computer. It plays an important role in computer safety, as it can protect your vital documents and files from becoming damaged or lost forever. Most computers sold through retail shops come pre-installed with antivirus software but this is usually just a trial and not activated or replaced once they expire.

We can advise you on a proper antivirus solution for your needs and educate you on keeping it updated and ready to defend your information.


If your pc is already infected, We have the necessary skill and software to help remove it.