Capped ADSL



Home ADSL is our ADSL offering best suited to all your home internet needs. Home ADSL offers you the freedom to customise our home internet packages to suit your specific needs.More Info

Choose the line speed that suits you best, from 384kbps to up to 10Mbps, as well as data packages ranging from 1GB to 100GB per month.

We make setting up your account as simple as possible. Enjoy the ease of instant activation and free account setup. We also don’t do contracts, so you don’t need to worry about unexpected expenses or being tied down inconveniently.

Home ADSL offers you the best ADSL features on the home internet market today at no extra cost. Enjoy these additional features:


  • 4 Concurrent Connections, allowing your account to be accessed from multiple locations at the same time.
  • Auto Top –Up, making top-ups easy when you’re low on Gigs.
  • DSL Secure, protecting your account from bandwidth theft by locking it to your Telkom line.


All Home ADSL packages come with the Any-Time Gigs. This means you can use your Gigs at any time of the day, without having to worry about peak and off-peak allocations. Simply log on and start browsing!


Business ADSL

Business ADSL offers your business only the best internet with our Platinum Quality Bandwidth, specifically prioritised for lower latencies, faster speeds, VoIP, steaming, browsing, email and VPNs, all delivered at the highest priority. Your business has the option for up to 10Mbps line speeds, the fastest in the country.









Uncapped ADSL

Home Uncapped ADSL

Home Uncapped is our uncapped ADSL product especially for home users looking for an uncapped internet solution. All Home Uncapped ADSL accounts have unlimited data with Silver Quality bandwidth, which prioritises services for the home ADSL user with DSL Secure, a security measure which locks your ADSL account to your phone number.

Your Home Uncapped ADSL account is available in the following line speeds:


  • Up to 1Mbps ADSL
  • Up to 4Mbps ADSL
  • Up to 10Mbps ADSL


Business Uncapped ADSL

Business Uncapped is our top Uncapped ADSL offering, specifically designed to provide business users with high quality Uncapped internet to suit their needs. All Business Uncapped accounts have Gold Quality bandwidth, which gives your most important business services priority over other internet traffic.

We also give you access to our Expert Support, so that any queries you have are answered quickly. Our tier one network ensures you don’t lose a day of business when other networks are down. You also have the option of adding five Static IPs to your account at a once-off cost.

Your Business Uncapped account comes with the choice of the following line speeds:


  • 512kbps
  • 1Mbps
  • 2Mbps
  • 4Mbps
  • 10Mbps


All line speeds listed give the highest possible line speed; actual results are dependent on your exchange.

We also offer a superior approach to bandwidth management, ensuring you don’t experience unnecessary throttling on your Uncapped account. You can use our management interface to monitor your usage over a 10 day monitoring period so that you can see how close you are to the throttling period.


You will only be throttled if you exceed 50 % of the maximum download capacity within 10 days, and this throttling will not affect your prioritised bandwidth. As your data usage returns to less than 50%, all throttling is removed from your Uncapped account.